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Are Baby Walkers Safe For The Little Ones?

Are the babies OK with their walkers? A baby walker is a device with suspended seats and wheeled frames, letting the babies move around with their feet. These are indeed safety hazards and can help them practice walking. Walkers are the leading cause of injuries to babies, so safety and health experts strongly discourage their use. While in the walkers, the babies roll into hot stoves, pools, and heaters.

Are infant walkers safe?

Walkers let the babies reach higher than normal; they grab dangerous objects that can lead to injuries. So, it is essential that these walkers should be on a level lower than their height or that they can walk and sit on it. They can fall over objects down a flight of stairs.

Babies who fall may suffer broken bones and serious head injuries. But this can’t happen if you choose a well-built brand. The manufacturers develop walkers to help babies assist their walking journey; baby walkers are popular today. Baby walkers are known for being fun equipment used for infants between four to twelve months.

Research shows that these walkers can provide an advantage to the child’s development. It can help assist a child in starting to walk on their own. Also, it helps parents perform household chores while their babies are in the walkers. Infants will learn to walk sooner, and a walker can help them walk confidently without any helping hand from the mother or the father.

Babies need opportunities to pull up, crawl, and creep, which they can do by starting to handle themselves alone with the support of a baby walker.

Advantages of baby walkers

Having an excited and giggling baby running around the house or in the room is a pleasant sight for the parents. Baby walkers are designed to help or assist babies in learning how to walk. It can also provide additional strength, so which baby can roam around the house in no time.

Today’s walkers are different from what they were a decade ago. Using a baby walker for children eager to learn how to walk has real benefits. But, there are common concerns about baby walkers.


Baby walkers help with the cognitive and physical development when babies learn to walk:

Various models have walker’s speed control to loosen or tighten the wheels’ speed, including the resistance they furnish keeps babies from running too fast.

Walker encourages children to start walking by providing a level of support before walking on their own:

  1. Babies get a sense of independence
  2. Baby walkers toys are also mentally stimulating for children
  3. Walkers keep the child entertained

The device featured these:

  1. a hard-plastic base on the wheels
  2. a suspended seat with holes for the toddler to place their legs through

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