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Knowing the benefits of using a menstrual cup makes you want to switch.

When you are the type of person that uses pads during your period, sometimes you wish there was an easy way for you not to feel uncomfortable. But now, there are many ways to use it during your period. Changing to a menstrual cup makes a giant leap and will take months to adjust. But the benefits make it worth it, which you must know when you are still convinced to use it. These are the benefits of using a menstrual cup that makes you take a giant leap.


Sometimes you will get to experience panic when your period arrives. It is because you forgot to restock your pads or tampons, which happens most in women. The best thing about using a moxie menstrual cup is that it needs to be cleaned and reused for years, so you will have it on hand when needed. One menstrual cup can hold more fluid than super tampons. It means when you have a heavy flow, you will enjoy the convenience of taking trips to the bathroom to change it.


You don’t have to experience any vaginal dryness, sweaty pads in your undies, and annoying strings while you are on your period. It is because menstrual cups are worn internally, which will collect your flow without absorbing it. Wearing it makes it undetectable, absorbing natural vaginal moisture as tampons do.

Non-toxic and hypoallergenic

Menstrual cups are made from medical-grade silicone that doesn’t have many toxic substances. Some disposables don’t have chlorine, bleach, fragrances, or absorption agents. These chemicals can cause vaginal pH irritations and imbalances for sensitive skin.

Produce less waste

People using disposable tampons and pads will have 300 disposables to landfill yearly. It will add up to a thousand where many people are menstruating. You will see how non-biodegradable period product waste has been a factor in pollution in the waterways and landfills. Using one menstrual cup can save hundreds of waste and is more eco-friendly.

No odors

When your menstrual blood comes in contact with the air, it oxidizes and can smell, which happens when you wear pads. The menstrual cups are worn inside the body, where you don’t have to worry about any period smells that can escape from below. When your cup has an odor when removed, you can clean or soak it with half vinegar and half water for an hour or more. Strong odors on your cup will not disappear after cleaning, which can indicate infection.

There are many menstrual cup benefits that you thought it had. Using a period cup makes your period easier and stress-free. When you get used to it, it makes you comfortable to move around and can lessen the contribution to the landfill.

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